Training Course Outlines

Customised Courses

If your organisation requires training to address particular needs, problems or local conditions contact the Training Centre. We will work with you to tailor a course to suit your requirements.

Standard Courses

Find out more about our standard courses below:

Flexible Pavements – Principles and Practice

Introduction to the flexible pavement industry, including design, construction and maintenance.

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Fundamentals of Bituminous Surfacing

Introduction to bituminous materials and surfacing.

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Introduction to Bitumen Safety

This online course covers the surfacing site hazards together with incident and injury risk reductions.

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Polymer Modified Binders & Bitumen Emulsions

Understanding of the types and applications of PMB’s and emulsions.

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Selection of Pavement Surfacing

Selecting the most suitable treatments for your roads.

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Best Practice in: Sprayed Sealing Field Procedures

Quality principles, standards and practices to the applications of sprayed seals.

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Traffic Controllers: Safety at Roadworks

This online course covers common hazards and mitigation strategies for Traffic Controllers working on road surfacing sites.

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Working Safely with Bitumen

Essential safety training for the bituminous surfacing industry.

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Best Practice in: Asphalt Placement & Compaction

Knowledge of asphalt placement and compaction principles to achieve high quality work.

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Best Practice in: Pavement Maintenance Practices

Quality principles, standards and practices for road maintenance.

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‘New Course’ Best Practice in: Sprayed Sealing Selection & Design

Expert guidance on designing and selecting your spray seal.

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