STS – RMS Regional Maintenance Workers on Foot


Course code: STS

Level of difficulty: All Levels
Delivery method: Digital Interactive Platform
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

  • RMS Regional Maintenance Worker on Foot
  • • $55 (Inc. GST)
    • Ticket Valid for 5 Years. Issues 1 person with 1 license and can be used within 12 months
    • Nominate individual employee for use
    • Required for any RMS Regional Maintenance Site

Accessing your Worker on Foot online training

Click HERE to download instructions on accessing your Worker on Foot online training. 

Benefits of the module:

  • The module simulates a real-site example.
  • Designed to increases on site safety awareness on a Regional Maintenance Site.
  • The completion of the module is a requirement of RMS Regional Maintenance. 
  • The module can also be used to complement site and/or company inductions.

Who should do these modules?

Any persons required to work on an RMS Regional Maintenance Site. 


At the completion of the training:

  • Results are recorded and a certification is issued
  • LLN (Literacy, learning and numeracy) techniques are used throughout the modules, as an aid if required
  • Understanding of Hierarchy of Control measures, is increased
  • Workplace and site hazard knowledge retention is measured
  • Compulsory


Assessment is completed throughout the module.


This module can form part of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).