National Safety & Sustainability Committee

Committee membership

  • Tony Aloisio (Chair), Fulton Hogan
  • Rory Bracken, Fulton Hogan
  • Ross Brookshaw, Downer
  • Tony MacPherson, Downer
  • Fiona Murfitt, Viva Energy Australia
  • Wes Pettiford, Colas Australia
  • Annabel Teusner, Boral
  • Graham Wilson, Puma Bitumen
  • Robert Vos (Convenor), AAPA

AAPA National Safety & Sustainability Committee

As part of the AAPA strategic plan the strategic goal for safety and sustainability states:-

Development of long-term sustainable pavement engineering solutions, providing a focus on harmonization of practices and maintaining a focus on innovative safety solutions in the delivery of flexible pavements

The strategies for the development of this goal as outlined in the plan are:-

Safety and Sustainability

  • Long life asphalt, perpetual pavements project completion and communication of outcomes.
  • Continued development of recycled asphalt inclusion in new mixes and development of further innovative advancement on the 100% recyclable road.
  • Implement innovative new safety initiatives in partnership with the State Road Agencies including a program of benchmarking performance against current standards.
  • Development of a harmonization program across industry for pavement engineering, safety and on site standards, within each State and then across State borders.

These goals have been developed largely at a National level in partnership with Austroads and State Road Agencies. Member companies have excelled in the safety innovation area and are now sharing the intellectual property around improvements made. To take the next step of development in the sustainability area in particular there is a need to provide coordination of effort across member companies and beyond our tradition base to engage with other entities that impact on the road worker and pavement engineering space. The formation of a National Safety and Sustainability Committee chaired by an AAPA Boardmember would assist enormously in providing the National co-ordination and prioritisation role for this work and allow AAPA to remain focussed and deliver great outcomes.

Night works of Crumb Rubber Modified Open Graded Asphalt being laid on the Sunshine Coast

Current priorities


  1. Engage with ISCA assist in updating the Australian calculator to genuinely reflect the products & processes of the bituminous product sector.
  2. Develop a marketing initiative through the AAPA communications team to promote the sustainability advantages of industry using best available local and international material.


  1. Working with the AAPA communications team, to provide valuable information to promote safety the Critical Risk Areas of:
      1) Proximity of traffic to the worksite     2) Worker and plant interaction.
  2. Provide feedback on the CRA’s through the 2017 Conference and through links to international participants.
  3. Benchmark and report the safety profile of industry through the regular provision of industry statistics and safety alerts.