AAPA National Proficiency Testing Round 2017

AAPA and its members have been organising proficiency testing rounds since 2004.

The report of the 2016 proficiency round, including more than 20 laboratories, can be found here.  

The 2017 round is a national undertaking, providing all AAPA members and stakeholders with the opportunity to be part of the industry drive to continually improve consistency and confidence in test results. 

Testing in this round will cover the following streams (refer table below for details):

  1. Asphalt testing (tests related to asphalt product acceptance)
  2. Aggregate and filler tests
  3. Resilient modulus
  4. Flexural beam: Flexural modulus and fatigue
  5. Moisture sensitivity: Tensile strength ratio (TSR)

 Please note:

  • Test results will be reported anonymously
  • Laboratories can elect to partake in any or all streams of testing
  • Where the laboratory does not hold NATA accreditation for AS test indicated in Table, result for equivalent local test method may be reported
  • Multiple samples may be ordered and reported on per laboratory
  • Results for streams 1, 2 and 5 are due two months after reception of sample.

To take part in the proficiency testing please register by 4th November.

Enter your organisation’s member number to qualify for AAPA member rates.

AAPA gratefully acknowledges the assistance provided by Fulton Hogan, Boral and ARRB Group in organising the 2017 proficiency testing round.

*All costs are ex GST     

(1) or local equivalent test method where laboratory is not NATA accredited for the specified Australian Standard test

(2) Cost per sample (incl. shipping), multiple samples per laboratory available

(3) For these tests plastic beam specimens and metal proving rings will be circulated amongst laboratories. Costs exclude shipping fee between laboratories.